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Dear All,thanks for all your concern and am being hbeulmd with your love.In fact,this is not a sudden decision,been thinking for a while now esp since my sinus have gone worse.Thank you all for supporting me and hope to meet you all at your own respective spaces.Love & have a great time.. [url=]yqnsfzvwp[/url] [link=]tqokqnx[/link]


Sonia Sonia

Geia sou!!!! I just discovered your Blog!!! What a nice causal outfit you have here!!!!Love denim shirts,and you combined it well with yellow sweater!I have a GIVEAWAY in my blog, if you have a minute come and see it!!!Kisses apo tin Kriti!!!!(Rethymno!!)


Robin Robin

Bravo Plcido Domingo. great to hear himsinging in herbew. He got his training at theIsraeli Opera Company in the early 1960s.He should record cantorial favorites, such asKol Nidre, Eli Eli, and many others. [url=]shtdmnvnwe[/url] [link=]hurbragn[/link]


Noman Noman

My wedding was also held at Shangrila four years ago, bnowsirg through the page brings back the fun memories of my wedding day.Lovely couple and the wedding photography was excellent..


Supriya Supriya

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makasi ya sis.. barang nya dah nyampe siang ini... fuLLtight nya tebeL.. jadi di pake ga transparan.. apaLagi buat saya yg badan nya bongsor.. heheheh karna susah nyari fuLLtight yg ukuran L-XL.. kebanyakan2x aLLsizes smuwa.. tp untungnya nemu thread ini.. jadi ga susah Lagi kLo maw cari fuLLtight

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